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Roles Available with AceProHR

We are passionate about Talent Acquisition; period.

For us its not a transaction

Its not matchmaking

Its simply not just “business”

  • Experts talk about the Knowledge EconomyWe know we shape it
  • Management Guru's position Talent as the only competitive advantage- Our Clients vouch for the difference we make
  • Their is a buzz around Employer Branding- We can definitely make it hum!

So what is it like working for us

  • Learn New Skills
  • Understand New Industries
  • Have a team to back you up
  • Have Control over your time 
  • Tools and training to increase productivity
  • Collaborate through your virtual office 
  • And yes Money! 

For any role- from Consultant to Director- please write to Omar Farooq- Founder and CEO at  with your resume and a small paragraph on your passion.