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Aligning Recruitment and Selection to Business Strategy
Published: Sep-05-2013


I am surprised when companies invest big bucks in strategy sessions , create expansive and expensive spreadsheets which lay down their one or two year vision to transformation and then treat recruitment and selection as business as usual . If you really want to transform- resourcing and hiring strategy and tactics need to be hacked

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Industries in Peril- a Recruiters perspective on what is wrong with Life Insurance and Statutory Audit
Published: Apr-11-2013

We hire across Industries and the hunt for a- rare skill, change specialist, Industry leader is what gets our adrenaline going, and makes Talent Acquisition such a rewarding profession ; but there are some Industries where the problem is not the talent available, but the Industry itself and how it treats its people- here is our assessment of two of Industries facing an acute HR Crisis

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Transforming the HR Discipline- Using Howard Gardner's 5 Minds of the future framework
Published: Mar-27-2013


Dr. Howard Gardner is professor of cognition at the Harvard graduate school of Education and recognised as the father of the theory of Multiple Intelligences. In his book Five Minds for the Future he outlines the specific cognitive abilities that will be sought and cultivated by leaders in the years ahead. I have tried to use the 5 Minds of the Future as a framework for HR professional development.

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