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Information Asymmetry and Decision making in Hiring & Sucession Planning
Published: Feb-01-2016

If you have ever bought a used car- information asymmetry is the difference between what the seller tells you and what you discover 3 months later ;) Too often companies ignore internal candidates because they know too much about them and hire external candidates because they know so little!! .

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Angel Di Maria and the sunk cost fallacy in hiring
Published: Mar-26-2015

What do Angel Di Maria and Henrique De Castro have in common- both were bad hiring decisions! - please note I have written hiring decisions not a bad footballer or executive.

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The Interview paradox- why a bad candidate can be better at an Interview than a good one
Published: Jan-27-2014

 The Interview paradox- why a bad candidate can be better at an Interview than a good one- Because he/She has had more practice on Interviews!!

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Aligning Recruitment and Selection to Business Strategy
Published: Sep-05-2013


I am surprised when companies invest big bucks in strategy sessions , create expansive and expensive spreadsheets which lay down their one or two year vision to transformation and then treat recruitment and selection as business as usual . If you really want to transform- resourcing and hiring strategy and tactics need to be hacked

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The Science of taking Interviews- 10 Rules for better hiring
Published: Nov-25-2012

Interviews are still the best tool available for assessment, they are still the most frequently used tool for hiring and would continue to be -till we discover artificial intelligence or brain mapping becomes so advanced that people send CT scans for selection rather than waste time to visit you !!! Here are 10 rules to make more scientific decisions while Interviewing 

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