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Say it with Grace- Refusing an employment offer doesn't have to be painful
Published: Sep-07-2013

If you have been offered a job- and you decide to go for another one - here is how you refuse it with grace

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Industries in Peril- a Recruiters perspective on what is wrong with Life Insurance and Statutory Audit
Published: Apr-11-2013

We hire across Industries and the hunt for a- rare skill, change specialist, Industry leader is what gets our adrenaline going, and makes Talent Acquisition such a rewarding profession ; but there are some Industries where the problem is not the talent available, but the Industry itself and how it treats its people- here is our assessment of two of Industries facing an acute HR Crisis

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Is HR Power = Size of the Organization
Published: May-03-2012

 Does size of the organisation that HR Supports= HR Influence= HR career prospects= HR Impact= HR complexity??

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